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Support-Level Services


Supporting Your Needs


Innovative Schools offers a deep menu of support options to public schools.   

The vision and model for this service offering is based on the strategy that providing lower cost and more efficient services for schools would save money and allow greater investment and focus on teachers and students.


We serve as a complete partner to provide an array of services to enhance your core academic programming, realign curricula, deliver professional development and build a powerful academic strategy and program.

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The financial requirements for schools are unlike any other organization. We can assist in budget development, financial analysis and reporting, purchasing, accounts payable, payroll processing and property inventory.

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Human Resources

From recruiting to hiring, from payroll to benefits, our seasoned team is equipped to manage all your school's HR processes.   Strategy, planning and experience are essential in navigating the complex world of budget preparation, payroll balancing, benefits management and records optimization. 

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We look forward to aiding you to successfully manange your operations and move forward toward your strategic goals. Our expertise in leadership search, board development, strategic an financial planning and fund-raising can provide stability, growth and long-term sustainablity for your school. 

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Efficient and economical facilities are a challenge every school faces at some point in time.  We want to help you find the funding and the facility that best suits your needs and creates the best environment for your students. 

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Management Consulting

Performance, operations and strategy are important elements to ensure a school's success. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are ready to partner identify assets and create a development plan for improvement. 

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