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School Models


Re-imagining Learning in the Classroom 


Over the past decade, organizations such as the New Tech Network, Big Picture Learning, Expeditionary Learning and EDWorks have developed 21st century school models that truly foster the concept of Deeper Learning.  Deeper Learning is defined as a school program that seeks to deliver education well beyond a standard curriculum in order to better prepare students for college and career.  Deeper Learning integrates rigorous curricular standards with the development of skills that students must possess to succeed in 21st century jobs; critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, confidence and determination. (Learn More)  Innovative Schools uses a national network of advisors to identify the most innovative school models that demonstrate strong academic outcomes and have a strong infrastructure for replication. To date, we have partnered with 13 model schools that offer proven advances in school design including elements of blended and personalized learning. 

Finding the Perfect Fit

No one school model is a perfect fit for every student and every community. To diversify the learning opportunities available in schools and districts, Innovative Schools has compiled a portfolio of modern, high quality, high performing school models. Our team and design partner schools recognize that we can create engaging opportunities for all students to develop the knowledge, skills and character fundamental to academic excellence and a life of endless possibilities. 


EdWorks enforces the belief that every child can succeed in college and in the workplace with the right tools, preparation and support.  The organization works closely with the school to empower first-generation college-goers and traditionally underserved students to graduate from high school better prepated for college.  The Early College model places the high school on the campus of a partner university which allows students to live within the context and culture of their goal and actually take college-level classes during thier high school career to dramatically reduce the cost of their college journey.  With the offering of this bold, innovative school design, EDWorks has now partnered with more than 50 districts across eight states.  In the Fall of 2014, Innovative Schools partnered with EdWorks to support the opening of Early College High School at Delaware State University, the state's first Early College High School.    Learn More About EdWorks

New Tech Network

New Tech Network (NTN) is a non-profit school development organization that works with districts to build and sustain innovative K-12 public schools. NTN works to create a rigourous and engaging school experience that features the intense use of Project-Based Learning and technology to establish a positive and engaging school culture. In the seventeen years since its founding, the network has grown to 133 K-12 schools in twenty-three states and Australia. Innovative Schools has established partnerships with schools like Delaware New Tech Academy in Seaford and First State Military Academy in Clayton, to help bring the first New Tech Network model schools to Delaware. Learn More About New Tech

Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning (BPL) supports a network of fifty-six public schools located across the United States and a growing number internationally. The core of the BPL design is to create an individualized learning program for each student based on her or his interests and designing a professional internship for that student outside the school.   While the learning program provides essential curricular standards, the integrated internship delivers essential 21st century skills and an appreciation for the role of education in the development of each student's life and career.  In the Fall of 2015, The Delaware Met High School opens as Wilmington's first and the State's second Big Picture Learning School,  Learn More About Big Picture

Expeditionary Learning

With a highly successful network of 165 schools across 33 states, Expeditionary Learning is a network of schools in which students learn by doing. Students in Expeditionary Learning schools learn math, science, history, English language arts and many other subjects through projects, or "expeditions" that connect them to their communities and teach them the value of service. Our Expeditionary Learning design partners include Kuumba Academy and Academia Antonia Alonso, Delaware's first dual-language Expeditionary Learning school,  Learn More About Expeditionary Learning