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Alliance of Model Schools

Alliance of Model Schools

The Alliance of Model Schools is a champion for growing schools kids love. Through a vibrant and forward thinking network of schools, business and community organizations, Delaware's Deeper Learning Network works to empower educators to redesign schools so that all students are able to access learning that is engaging, authentic rigorous and rooted in 21st century skills.

Village of Excellence

Delaware's Deeper Learning Network is a village of educators, schools, communities and stakeholders creating opportunities and leveraging resources to grow a network of excellent and highly effective deeper learning schools across the state. Our design partners are committed to the success of students through the fidelity of each individual Deeper Learning school model. The continued work toward successful Deeper Learning schools is the result of support, shared resources and benefits offered through the Alliance of Model Schools. The Alliance of Model Schools works not only to create and increase awareness around Deeper Learning in state, but to serve as a support system and resource for those interested, exploring or fully implementing a Deeper Learning model in their school. 

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