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Partner-Level Services


Partnership Inspires Passionate Learning

We empower educators and communities to take charge of their schools' future.


School Transformation

Innovative Schools has committed to partnering with schools across the state to engage in the critical work of redesigning our classrooms to meet the demands of the 21st century.

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School Design Models

No one school model is a perfect for every student and every community. To diversify the learning opportunities available in schools and districts, Innovative Schools has compiled a portfolio of modern, high quality, high performing school models. Our team and design partner schools recognize that we can create engaging opportunities for all students to develop the knowledge, skills and character fundamental to academic excellence and a life of endless possibilities. 

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An Alliance of Innovators

Through a vibrant and forward thinking network of schools, business and community organizations, the Alliance of Model Schools will empower educators to redesign schools so that all students are able to access learning that is engaging, authentic rigorous and rooted in 21st century skills.

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