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Story of Success
Delaware New Tech Academy at Seaford High

School Address

399 North Market Street Ext
Seaford , DE 19973


Year Established


Number of Students


School Model

New Tech

The Mission

In 2010, The Delaware Department of Education launched the Partnership Zones to dramatically improve the lowest achieving schools in the state. Seaford High School was identified as a school within the Partnership Zone.

Serving over 70 percent low income students, Seaford High School chose to apply for Improvement Plan grants accessed to fund an intervention to allow for control over the future of their school. Innovative Schools partnered with Seaford High to take teachers, district board members, parents and other stakeholders to tour a New Tech School to tour New Tech High School in Northeast Indiana.  [Missing content] These actions led to the approval of a district referendum for a New Tech model to be implemented as a separate academy within the traditional Seaford High School campus.

The Solution

In 2011, with the planning support and assistance of Innovative Schools, the Delaware New Tech Academy was launched and became the first New Tech high school in Delaware to join 60 public high schools across 14 different states. Beginning with 100 9th graders and 100 10th graders its opening year, Delaware New Tech Academy now serves over 300 students in grades 9 – 12.

Delaware New Tech Academy offers students a new kind of high school education. As a "school within a school" at Seaford Senior High School, it gives students a comprehensive academic program featuring Project Based Learning and daily use of computers and technology in the classroom. The school is designed to mimic a modern business and in addition, requires students to learn and complete projects in a way that prepares them for college and the workplace.

In its few short years, Delaware New Tech Academy has seen a 9 percentage point growth in overall ELA student proficiency (one of the highest in the state) and 42% of its 10th graders scored at an “Advanced” level on the ELA test, an increase of 23 percentage points from last year.

Services Used

School Transformation

  • Comprehensive School Review
  • School Redesign
  • Public Relations and Communications

Academic Services

  • Academic Program Development
  • Curriculum Alignment
  • Staff Coaching
  • Data Driven Instruction